Cássio Gimenez


  • Bachelor I.N.E.F, Physical Education (Title approved in Spain)
  • Higher School of Physical Education of Catanduva E.S.E.F.I.C, Sao Paulo - Brazil (1994)
  • Instructor of Surf and Paddle Surf - Sports Technician level I - Galega Surfing Federation. FGS. (2017).
  • Specialty in Water Sports and Physiology of Exercise and Sports, Sao Paulo- Brazil. (2000-02)
  • Personal Trainer; Specific physical preparation for sports, Body and Cardio Room, Surf and Stand Up Paddle Spain (2002-2012)

Other Courses

Courses held in: SPAIN AND BRAZIL


  • Apnea Course applied to Surf and Sub Fishing, Art Surf Camp Razo, Spain (2017).
  • First aid course in Red Cross Spain.
  • Personal Trainer Specialized high performance training Water Sports and Swimming, Spain.
  • Pedagogy and Skill course in groups.
  • Body building course in specific room Swimming, specific tests, resistance and speed.
  • Orientation course Sports nutrition for athletes.
  • Course of Physical Evaluation, Explosive Strength, Flexibility and high performance, Marathon, Surf, Stand Up Paddle and Body Building.
  • Course of techniques and emotional balance in competition, endurance tests and High Performance in crossings in competitions in the open sea, Surf and Stand Paddle, Swimming.
  • Congress of Sports, Body Building, School of Sport SESC, Brazil.
  • Course of Bodybuilding Monitor in room (EMAF, World Encounter of Physical Activity).
  • Course on Sports Injuries: joints and ligaments- Center for Physiotherapy and Recovery Studies (Profº Ademir Rodrigues, physiotherapist at S.E.PALMEIRAS), Brazil.
  • Black Belt of Judô 1º Dan, Brazil, Homologated in the Spanish Judo Federation.
  • Oriental Techniques course in rehabilitation and Sports Treatment for athletes. Brazil


  • Maximum respect for nature.
  • Prioritize safety in all activities
  • Enhance contact with the sea as emotional therapy, stress management, etc ...
  • Commitment to the needs and objectives of our clients.
  • Generate experiences where users can enjoy our passion for the sea.


  • Physical Trainer Club Squash Pontevedra, Personal Trainer. (2009-12, 2016)
  • Coordinator and Professor of Nautical Sports School of Santos City Council. SEMES (2012-15).
  • Coordinator of events and courses for special students in water sports (2009-2011, 2016).
  • Athlete and competitor in Stand Up Paddle surfing championships and circuits in Galicia, Spain (2005-2011-13).
  • Teacher School Tartaruga, Surf and Stand Up Paddle Board Spain (2010, 2011, 2013, 2016).
  •  Physical Trainer of Club Galaico Sercoysa de Natación, Rias del Sur, Club Squash Pontevedra and SUPERA.
  • Physical Trainer and Personal Trainer; for oppositions, Firemen, Police, Rescue and Maritime Rescue, (Weekends) Spain.
  • Muscle room monitor in Centro Budo, Pontevedra (2006,07,08) Club Vital Sport - Cambados 2009, 10,11) -, Spain.
  • Personal Trainer and Physical Trainer of Marathon athletes, Berlin and Madrid and circuits in Spain.
  • Responsible for the physical assessments of students and the laboratory of Exercise Physiology and Sport, Budo Center - Pontevedra (2007) Spain.
  • Personal Trainer and muscle room teacher at Fitness Gym Place Tres Cantos Madrid, (2003- 06).
  • Direct collaborator in the trainings and physical evaluations, Vo2max tests, cardiovascular of the athletes of the Spanish National Taekwondo Team, Madrid (2003-06) Spain.
  • Responsible for the physical evaluations of the students of Tortosa Sports Centers and Fitness 2000 in Tres Cantos, Madrid (2003-06) Spain.
  • Physical Trainer with the Selection of Schools of Sao Paulo, Paulista de Futbol Tour Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Germany. (1995).

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