Welcome to our SUP CENTER GALICIA Nautical Sports Club

 Our President CÁSSIO GIMENEZ welcomes you in this video


ROUTES | Summer in Raxó (Pontevedra)

Our Mision

Our mission as a Club is to provide an experience that connects our users with the sea, with all the benefits that entails. The formula we trust the most is water sports, for which we feel a true passion, which, we want to convey to all people who come to participate in our activities.

Stand up Paddle Surf

This sport is becoming fashionable but it has a long history that goes back to the Polynesia of the 1940s. In our country, it gains more followers every day, including famous people who have signed up for Stand Up Paddle.

The contact with the sea from the table, paddling, performing an aerobic exercise in contact with nature, generates the segregation of endorphins that reduce tension, anxiety and stress, exerting a very important benefit on our body and our mind. Enjoy the environment, the sea, lakes, rivers, unique landscapes, sunrises and incredible sunsets is a secondary benefit that is also present. Are you curious? Well, stay with us.

Our values

It is important for us to maintain a coherence between the passion we feel for the sea and everything we want to convey to you. For this we want to share with you what our values are. Fundamentally the first and most important is the respect for the sea and the safety of our users. Therefore, we have new and professional materials to carry out all our activities with the greatest guarantees.


Secondly but no less important is enjoying 100% with our users of each experience, the satisfaction provided by contact with nature is something wonderful that we want to convey from a point of view that some could define as therapeutic.

"When negative, anxiety or complex thoughts surface, I go to the ocean and it throws them away with its thunderous sound, purifies me with its noise and imposes a rhythm in my whole being that is harmonious and balanced".


Rainer Maria Rilke (Poet)